"I assumed responsibility for improving the performance and image of six government departments in the aerospace industry. I knew I had to give those leaders the skills and support to turn those functions around. I worked with Dr. Green to design and run leadership programs that gave managers the information, skills and confidence they needed to do just that. The benefits of those programs are still evident four years later." Sheila Cloud, Business Systems Executive, Aerospace Industry.




Who We Are

Katherine LY Green, PhD, founded Green Consulting Group, an integrated leadership and change management consultancy.  Begun in 1999, the consultancy provides human resource and organizational development services to organizations, and their leaders.  Specific areas of expertise include: workforce development, organizational change, leadership and management training. Green Consulting Group offers specialized expertise in aging workforce issues with over two decades knowledge of, and experience with, the aging workforce


Why Leadership Matters

Leaders get work done through others. They enable everyone to achieve their goals, enabling an organization to become vibrant, productive and successfulLeaders earn respect and build credibility when they are competent, confident and have a clear vision of where to go. Ultimately, they create the conditions for success by balancing the right organizational structure with sound people strategies and civil engagement practices.


What Leaders Do

Successful leaders do two things: 1) Envision a future, and 2) Engage others in pursuing that vision.  Envisioning a future that is right and appropriate for a given organization relies on foresight, the ability to comprehend, assess and decide how best to achieve a preferred future. Successful leaders engage others in pursing a preferred future, often in times of uncertainty and high expectations.  Therefore, they need to understand the role of change; the intracacies, methods and people strategies used to guide effective, successful change efforts. 


Leading an Aging Workforce - 50+ Workers

The growth of an aging workforce offers leaders new ways of thinking about, organizing and managing the 50+ workforce. Many organizations have not considered, nor explored, the impact of an aging workforce on their organization's work, work processes or even their culture.  Since 1988, Katherine's conducted research, written and spoken about a wide range of HR and organizational issues introduced by an aging workforce. Her speaking engagements include professional conferences in Japan and England, as well as The World Future Society, US Department of Labor, National Leadership Institute, Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network and many local professional and civic groups.

She authored research reports and co-authored a series of "how-to" books on employing older workers for the UN International Labour Office, and contributed articles for the Society of Human Resource Management, and other professional libraries. Currently, she offers training workshops, e_Learning programs, and consulting services on best practices to plan for, manage and acculturate an intergenerational workforce.


Workforce 2020 - Scenarios

Green Consulting Group LLC is one of the first consultancies to offer futures consulting services for HR staff, leaders, and Board members on aging workforce issues. Using a novel futures orientation, we first help leaders anticipate workforce relevant challenges and opportunities; then, secondly, we use our unique human resource expertise to help clients customize human capital programs and strategies to achieve their preferred future.

In conjunction with Leading Futurists LLC, we developed Workforce 2020 - three scenarios about the future of an aging workforce with guiding questions about exploring the range of possible futures, and their impact, on your organization. These scenarios have been used by over 400 people to leverage opportunities inherent in an aging, and graying, workforce.


Contact Us

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